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Winter is the best time to look for a house or lot on the lake!!

Posted by Jeff Thomas on December 8, 2017
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I know you are thinking….it is cold, rainy and it is the holidays, I am not looking for lake property now.    So why is it the best time to look for property?

During the summer when most are at the lake the level is at full pool (510 msl).  All looks as good as it can with all docks floating and all ramps to the docks flat or close to it.   You or your realtor checks the depth of the water to determine if it meets your needs.  There is a little bit of a guess when it is close to the depth that puts it on the edge of yearround v seasonal.  It is almost impossible to tell exactly as the dock gets closer to the land as the water drops.

Quick note on lake levels:  Full/summer pool is 510 mean sea level (msl), winter pool is 496 msl.  Alabama Power starts dropping the lake in August and it is typically as low as it will go by Thanksgiving.   They rarely go below 500 msl but last year was a drought (went to 496) and this year I hear they are dropping because of boat ramp maintenance.  See my other post on water levels.

We are currently (Dec 6, 2017) right around 496 msl.  This level tests most all docks and walkways on the lake.  Any dock not in “yearround” water is going to touch the ground and you get to see how gracefully it sits down.   There is no guessing when the water is at 496msl, it is at the bottom.  FYI, all bets are off if it goes below 496 msl.  Alabama Power is not supposed to take it below 496 unless there is some sort of drought.

Other bonuses especially if looking for a lot…no chiggers, cool weather, no boat traffic, and the brush is down.   I was showing property from the boat twice in the last two weeks (end of Nov, first of Dec) and with the right clothes on it is the way to go.

Give me a call and lets find your Smith Lake property.



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