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About Smith Lake Rentals and Sales

Maura and Jeff Thomas have been coming to Smith Lake over 30 years.  In 1997, they purchased a lot on Ryan Creek and in 2001 built a small cabin (Soliloquy). In 2013 they purchased a home in the prestigious Stoney Point community on the west side of the lake, north of Duncan Bridge. They are about to build another house close to the mouth of Rock Creek in Sipsey Pines Cove. Needless to say, they are passionate about Smith Lake.

The Start of Smith Lake Rentals

In 2002, Maura and Jeff Thomas recognized a need for vacation rentals on Smith Lake. We started small by renting out our own cabin (Soliloquy), which allowed us to learn the ins and outs of the vacation rental business. The vacation rental business has grown every year as people across the region come to Smith Lake for vacations. Andrea Moates joined us in 2011 to manage the reservations. If you call our reservation number you will be talking to Andrea. Our years in the business have provided us with a loyal customer base as we have served over 2000 guests.

The Start of Smith Lake Rentals and Sales

In 2013, Jeff decided to leave the corporate world and focus on Smith Lake Rentals and Sales. Jeff spent over 30 years managing clients in the Information Technology space. His experience has taught him how a client wants to be treated.

Jeff combines his customer service skills, his knowledge of the vacation rental business, and his knowledge of the lake to provide a smooth, efficient buying experience for his clients. We have decided to focus on BUYERS as a Smith Lake Buyer’s agent and to not list houses for sale. This allows us to focus on the buyer and not be biased by agency listings or a relationship with the seller.

Call Jeff today to help you find your perfect Smith Lake property.

Lewis Smith Lake

Lewis Smith Lake, commonly referred to as “Smith Lake”, is considered the cleanest lake in Alabama and one of the cleanest in the country.  The reason for the clean water is that Smith Lake is a watershed lake with the water coming from the Bankhead National Forest and very rural areas.   There is no major river coming into the lake, rather a number of smaller rivers and creeks.   Smith Lake is almost 300′ deep in places and most channels are well over 100′ deep.  These depths contribute to the lake being cooler and cleaner.   Smith also has rock shorelines which contribute to its cleanliness and beauty.

Smith Lake is located an hour northwest of Birmingham, AL.  It is just west of I-65 and north of I-22. Cullman and Jasper are the two largest home cities with full services: hospitals, grocery, etc.  Many of the surrounding towns have grocery, gas, etc.

Smith Lake has 3 major “main channels”:  Ryan Creek to the right, Rock Creek up the middle and the Sipsey to the left.  There are a number of smaller creeks and sloughs off these three but these are the main ones.  Many talk about Smith having a Jasper side and a Cullman side.  There are different definitions but mine is that the Cullman side is all of Ryan and the east side of Rock and the Jasper side is the Sipsey and the west side of Rock.

Concerning price, typically the further you get from the interstates, the less expensive the property.   That being said, there are some beautiful areas in the Northwest corner of the lake and an additional 30 minutes drive should not rule these out.

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Jeff Thomas, Broker and Buyer’s Agent

Cell: 205.492.3211 or 800.769.0757 ext 6


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